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Vote for us NOW!

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

Hi its Oojudoo and Oojufink here, please can you take the time to vote for us in the NHF Wales competition.

Just follow the link below to register then vote for us in the Team, Hairdresser, Barber and Apprentice categories.

Register to vote in the NHF Wales competition

Thank you

NHF Wales Competition

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Hi all, this is a request to you from all of us at Oojudoo and Oojufink to vote for us in the NHF Wales competition. So far we are in three categories but we may enter more later on this week. Please follow the links below, register and vote for us.

Every vote counts so if you can spread the word to other clients we would be grateful.





Thank you

From the whole team at Oojudoo and Oojufink

The latest on the new improvements

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Is been a while but we have now got another new water system arriving, as well as a new beauty salon and a kids salon/barbershop. The new paint job is going well for the kids salon got loads of ideas for fun murals that kids would like, just a matter of having the time to do them all. The only problem we are having is sourcing some fun barbers chairs for the kids. We want to find a racing car or plane for one seat and some other funky chairs too but there is definitely a lack of any in Europe. So it may be a while for that side to be ready.

Not all a loss though as the beauty room should be up and running very soon so if you are wanting a facial or some waxing then you now know where to come.

So there’s all good things ahead.

BBC radio Wales

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Wow what a difference a week makes the weather has been gloriously sunny and people are looking happier and TANNED!

I made it into the local papers the Tivey Side and the Carmarthern Journal with some great write ups. Then to top it all off I had an in depth interview with BBC radio Wales that should be aired soon. When or if I get the date I will put it up here otherwise keep listening for it or catch it on the BBC iplayer.

I am also in talks with the London school of barbering who are looking for me to do some teaching for them on the art and techniques of etching. And on that I am doing a training day on Sunday 30th so if anyone is interested in joining it, or they would like to be a model for it, please get in touch.



Barber Connect

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Had a great time at Barber Connect, made loads of contacts and saw a lot of really inspiring stuff. Although I didn’t win the creative barber of the year, I spoke with Mike Taylor head of the British Barbers Association and he confirmed that I came third in the members vote. The five finalists are still up on the BBA web site, the winning entry for the creative section was number 1 and mine was number 5 you can make your own mind up here

I now look forward to meeting all the people I spoke with yesterday, and pushing barbering forward.

Great day, great fun and great experience.

Thank you to the BBA and all their sponsors.

Barber connect

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Really looking forward to barber connect in Cardiff tomorrow, looks like there is going to be loads of stuff going on that will help the whole team. We are all going there and expect it to be a real laugh, though I am not sure what to expect from the British barbers associations creative barber of the year results, as I’m in with a one in five chance of winning it. Nail bitting.

I have just finished doing Gary’s hair for the event and it looks nuts.




BBA creative barber of the year 2013

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013


I have just been voted into the final 5 of the British barbers association creative barber of the year 2013. What a privilege.

Thank you to all the judges for placing me there it is great to get such recognition from my peers. The final round of the competition is up to the members to vote on. So if you are a BBA member then get voting. My entry is number five, by the way.

Thank you all…

New piwigo photo gallery

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

This makes my life a lot easier.

After a lot of research and updating, the website now has a new piwigo photo gallery to hold all the pictures of the crazy hair styles and head etchings we do here at Oojufink. It may have taken some time to sort out but I think it is worth it as I can now take some photos of the work we do in the barbershop on my iPad, edit them and upload them with a watermark all in one easy process. So now as it is easier I may well be able to keep up with the amount of pictures we take, without just adding to the back log of about five hundred to a thousand pictures that have yet to be resized and uploaded to the website. Great news for you guys, if you want to keep up with the latest creations from us that is.

Now it just leaves the mammoth task of uploading the huge backlog…

Comic relief head etching

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Had a great day for comic relief this year. A lady came in to get her head shaved and raised over tree hundred pounds. Here is a link to the video of the day.


Washing men’s hair who uses Kratom

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

I have been barbering for nearly 20 years now, I have worked in many different barbershops around the world, and I have been taking kratom capsules for a while now, you can get them at KratomMasters. I would like to tell you that kratom pills had helped me in the past as an energy provider and by increasing my apettite, which I would lose when a tried different things in my life, and finally I have to add that,in general, kratom’s products are the best thing you could add to your daily life . The one thing that I had always said to myself when I was working for other people was that when I opened my own barbershop I would make it compulsory for the guys to have their hair washed. The reason for this in the beginning was a selfish one, every barber has had to deal with a client who looks like they haven’t washed in years, or someone who has put so much product in it that you can’t even pull a comb through. So I had thought to myself “Why should I have to put up with touching clients dirty hair when they don’t even have the decency to wash.” Then, the more I had thought about it it made more and more sense, when the hair has been washed it relaxes all the bonds in the structure of the hair and allows you to see the hair in its natural form, it also makes the salon a cleaner environment and makes the customer relax.

At Oojufink we have put the sinks in front of the client, so that when we wash them it is a simple case of just spinning the chair around and bingo, they are in the basin. They don’t have to walk around the salon with a towel on their heads, or waist much time. It’s a simple and quick process that makes all the difference, it’s just a case of educating the older clients who are used to the old ways of barbering to get used to it. That said every client I have washed so far has said they they have enjoyed it, and now see the benefits of doing so. From the clients point of view they are getting much more for their money and don’t have to worry about wether or not the client before them had washed, or the tools that are used by the barber are clean.

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