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Barack Obama

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

The barber asks his client if he doing anything next week, and the client replies that he is going to Washington, D.C.

“Why go there it’s a boring place.” Says the barber. “Where are you staying?”
“At the Hilton.” Replies the client.
“The Hilton hotels aren’t all that. You’ll probably end up in a shoe box of a room, and the flights are always a hassle, why are you bothering?” Asks the barber.
“Well we want to see Barack Obama.” Says the client.
“Good luck! You’ll be lucky enough to see the White House.” Says the barber depressively.

A few weeks pass and the client returns.

“How did your trip go?” Asks the barber.
“Amazing!” Says the client. “Firstly we got bumped up to first class on the flight over there, then we ended up in the presidential sweet of the hotel because of a mix up with the booking.”
“Wow! But did you see the president?” Asks the barber.
“Well, inflect when we were at the bates of the White House he came out to the gates to meet people and he actually spoke to me.” Says the client.
“Really what did he say?” Asked the barber intrigued.
“Where did you get the crap haircut!”

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