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Washing men’s hair

I have been barbering for nearly 20 years now, and I have worked in many different barbershops around the would. The one thing that I had always said to myself when I was working for other people was that when I opened my own barbershop I would make it compulsory for the guys to have their hair washed. The reason for this in the beginning was a selfish one, every barber has had to deal with a client who looks like they haven’t washed in years, or someone who has put so much product in it that you can’t even pull a comb through. So I had thought to myself “Why should I have to put up with touching clients dirty hair when they don’t even have the decency to wash.” Then, the more I had thought about it it made more and more sense, when the hair has been washed it relaxes all the bonds in the structure of the hair and allows you to see the hair in its natural form, it also makes the salon a cleaner environment and makes the customer relax.

At Oojufink we have put the sinks in front of the client, so that when we wash them it is a simple case of just spinning the chair around and bingo, they are in the basin. They don’t have to walk around the salon with a towel on their heads, or waist much time. It’s a simple and quick process that makes all the difference, it’s just a case of educating the older clients who are used to the old ways of barbering to get used to it. That said every client I have washed so far has said they they have enjoyed it, and now see the benefits of doing so. From the clients point of view they are getting much more for their money and don’t have to worry about wether or not the client before them had washed, or the tools that are used by the barber are clean.

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