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New piwigo photo gallery

This makes my life a lot easier.

After a lot of research and updating, the website now has a new piwigo photo gallery to hold all the pictures of the crazy hair styles and head etchings we do here at Oojufink. It may have taken some time to sort out but I think it is worth it as I can now take some photos of the work we do in the barbershop on my iPad, edit them and upload them with a watermark all in one easy process. So now as it is easier I may well be able to keep up with the amount of pictures we take, without just adding to the back log of about five hundred to a thousand pictures that have yet to be resized and uploaded to the website. Great news for you guys, if you want to keep up with the latest creations from us that is.

Now it just leaves the mammoth task of uploading the huge backlog…

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