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About Us

The name Oojufink was invented by Jay Bura in the year 2000 as his DJ name. Although he continues to play from time to time, the name has become his nick name and tag. So it was only natural for him to use it as the name of his flagship.

It has been the dream for Jay Bura to open this shop, as it is now, ever since he started in the industry in the early nineties.

Jay and his partner Esther have had previous experience running their own businesses around Britain and abroad, but now feel it is time to do it as it should be, and where better then to bring it home to their roots.

At Oojufink we always wash the hair before cutting. This gives the best results, is easier, better to cut, and makes you feel great! Not to mention the cleanliness.

Mens Hairdressing

Mens hairdressing has changed over the years and is no longer the realm of the veteran barber who only knows how to do one cut, or that of the airy hairdresser who is terrified of clippers. The professional staff at Oojufink offer a wealth of knowledge from the traditional barbering techniques using clippers and strait edge razors for the best short back and sides, to advanced cutting techniques using thinning scissors or razors usually confined to the realm of top class hairdressing.

The best of both old and new combine to produce the very best in mens barbering. A cut throat shave using a straight edge razor is a traditional way for a man to relax and feels amazing. It has become the only way a man can really pamper themselves, and not feel strange about it. Hair Etchings are a great way to look different, and stand out from the rest. At Oojufink we use a cut throat razor to create hair etchings for a more exact, precise and professional finish for this new form of artistic expression.

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